In the Netherlands, women are expected to take care of the children and the household. A full-time working mother must defend herself while a full-time working father is normally found. A girl automatically becomes a mama in our culture. In the Christmas catalogues of toy stores there are little girls behind stoves, they have mini vacuum cleaners and cleaning sets and they take care of their baby dolls. This image of the woman as a carer and cleaning lady is reinforced by the media. While doing this researching, I was annoyed by the stereotypical image in advertisements on television and in magazines.


The packaging of soap and other household cleaners often have round shapes and fresh, so-called feminine colors such as pink, baby blue and yellow.

The shape language of these packaging, the smooth material and the use of color was the inspiration for a collection of shoes which I want to use to highlight the position of women in our society.


I aimed to create a footwear collection for the modern woman who no longer identifies herself as a housewife.