My graduation collection derives from my interest in the fashion industry, where high production speed, low prices and rapidly rotating collections define the industry. The fashion industry has changed into a productive machine, new collections are developed under high pressure, demanding products to be in store within weeks. As a consequence of this circulation speed, various items of the fast-fashion brands/chains, such as Zara and H&M, are inspired by or copied from collections of high-end fashion brands like Balenciaga, Prada or Chanel. To enable this process, the fast-fashion industry applies downgrading of product quality, material use and detailing of the exclusive-fashion.


In the design industry copying is seen as a taboo and thereby negatively involved in the discussion on originality and authenticity. However, with this switch to fast-fashion, it is not the question whether copying is used, but where and when inspiration turns into imitation.


In my research, I examine the possibility of breaking this fast-fashion circuit and thereby discuss consumerism and our fast-faster-fastest production needs. By using double, or even triple copies, I try to reach absolute limits of possibilities and, consequently, re-assess our meaning of originality and authenticity. By transforming, duplicating or moule, I aim to create a new shaping language and process that into experimental wearables, while focussing on footwear.

Model- Rui Jun Loung

Photographer- Esther Staal